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South Beach, Durban - RJ's Famous Rib Steakhouse (Pty) Ltd, KwaZulu Natal Print

RJ's Famous Rib Steakhouse (Pty) Ltd

Category: Culinary Products, Sauces

Tel: 031 332 0797

Address: 57 OR Tambo Parade, (Basement of Durban Spa Resort), South Beach, Durban, KZN, South Africa

This listing confirms an Agreement between SANHA and the RJ's Famous Rib Steakhouse (Pty) Ltd Head Office for the regulation of certain stores which comply with the SANHA Halaal programme. It should not be misconstrued that all RJ's Famous Rib Steakhouse (Pty) Ltd stores are certified Halaal.
List of Products Manufactured by :: RJ's Famous Rib Steakhouse Group (Pty) Ltd
1 RJ's Lemon and Herb Basting 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
2 RJ's Meat Basting 20l
3 RJ's Portuguese Basting 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
4 RJ's Rib Basting 20l
5 RJ's French Dressing 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
6 RJ's Roquefort Dressing 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
7 RJ's Tangy Viaigrette 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
8 RJ's 1000 Island Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
9 RJ's Bar-one Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
10 RJ's BBQ 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
11 RJ's Cheese Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
12 RJ's Curry Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
13 RJ's Fantastic Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
14 RJ's Garlic Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
15 RJ's Honey & Mustard 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
16 RJ's Monkeygland Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
17 RJ's Mushroom Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
18 RJ's Mussel Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
19 RJ's Pepper Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
20 RJ's Peri-Peri Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
21 RJ's Rattlesnake Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
22 RJ's Roquefort Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
23 RJ's Tartare Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
24 RJ's White Sauce 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
25 RJ's Sweet Cajun Chili 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
26 RJ's Flavoured Mayo Dip 20l, 10l,5l,2.5l
27 Fish Shake Shake 2kg
28 RJ's Shake Shake 2kg
29 Flavoured Butter kg
30 Garlic Butter kg
31 Lemon Butter kg
32 Party Bucket Boys 36's
33 Party Bucket Girls 36's
34 Lucky Packets 100's
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