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Canadian legislator mistakenly serves Muslims Haraam hotdogs Print

A Halifax member of the legislative assembly is apologizing over a hotdog debacle that has many in the Muslim community shaking their heads.
At a weekend barbecue, Patricia Arab told a group that the food she was serving was halal -- permissible for Muslims to consume.
Arab, having apparently been misled about halal requirements, thought saying a prayer over the chicken wieners would be sufficient.
It wasn?t.
?For me it is a big deal,? said Imam Ibrahim Al-shanti. ?I'm sure it's not her intention to make fun of it, but it looks like that.?
Al-shanti, a founder of the United Muslims of Halifax, said he?s been receiving complaints from the community about the Liberal MLA?s actions. But Arab insists her heart was in the right place.
?My intentions -- and those of the organizers -- were based solely on good faith and respect for Muslim values and beliefs,? Arab said in a written statement. ?I in no way meant to offend anyone or diminish the sanctity of Halal.?
?I have reached out to members of the Muslim Community to apologize for my role in this misunderstanding."

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SANHA comments:

The above incident only highlights the need for us to educate ourselves and our non-Muslim colleagues, friends and neighbours. Proper arrangements should be made especially at events hosted by non-Muslims. When in doubt, abstain.

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