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Banting Boulevard Foods (Pty) Ltd t/a Banting Blvd

Category: Bakeries - Ingredient Suppliers, Banting premixes

Tel: 021-555-1603

Address: 22 Point Business Park, Marinus Road, Milnerton, 7443, Western Cape, South Africa

Certified Halaal by SANHA
List of Products Manufactured by :: Banting Boulevard Foods (Pty) Ltd t/a Banting Blvd
1 Banting Blvd Breakfast Porridge Chocolate, 250g
2 Banting Blvd Breakfast Porridge Cinnamon. 250g
3 Banting Blvd Breakfast Porridge Original, 250g
4 Banting Blvd Chocolate Brownie Premix 185g
5 Banting Blvd Chocolate Flapjack Premix 95g
6 Banting Blvd Cinnamon Muffin Premix 200g
7 Banting Blvd Cocoa Powder 200g
8 Banting Blvd Coconut Bread Premix 80g
9 Banting Blvd Coconut Flour 250g
10 Banting Blvd Desiccated Coconut 200g
11 Banting Blvd Flaxseeds 250g
12 Banting Blvd Ground Almonds 250g
13 Banting Blvd Ground Sunflower Seeds 250g
14 Banting Blvd Himalayan Salt 500g
15 Banting Blvd Poppy Seed Muffin Premix 200g
16 Banting Blvd Psyllium Husk 150g
17 Banting Blvd Pumpkin Seeds 250g
18 Banting Blvd Seed & Almond Loaf Premix 270g
19 Banting Blvd Seed & Nut Granola Premix 150g
20 Banting Blvd Seed Cracker Premix 190g
21 Banting Blvd Sesame Seeds 250g
22 Banting Blvd Sunflower Seed Rusk Premix 200g
23 Banting Blvd Sunflower Seeds 250g
24 Banting Blvd Xylitol 500g
25 Heba 200g, 25kg
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