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Woman finds decomposing frog in Nando's quinoa salad Print

A woman has described her horror at finding a decomposing frog in her Nando?s salad ? after she had eaten most of the meal.


Louise, who did not want her second name to be published, was in a branch of the chicken chain in Manchester when she discovered the unwelcome ingredient.


She told the Independent she had been enjoying the meal with her husband and son when the frog was uncovered at the bottom of a bowl.


?I knew it was a frog because it was whole and it was all spread out ? it was obvious,? she said. ?Immediately I went to the toilet to be sick and they took it away.?


Louise said her son was unfazed by the incident but that her ?horrified? husband also felt ill after seeing the rotting amphibian, which was black and embedded with leaves and quinoa. 


Laboratory tests commissioned by Nando?s found the unfortunate creature was a European common frog in an advanced state of decay.


It was apparently harvested with one of the salad?s ingredients and escaped processing checks by staff at Salads to Go, which provides pre-packaged items for Nando?s and several major supermarkets.


A spokesperson for Nando?s said additional inspections have now been introduced at the supplier?s factory.


?We make every effort to ensure that our food is served to the highest standard,? he said.


?As soon as Louise let us know about the problem with her salad back in May, we launched a full investigation with our salad supplier and as a result of this they have introduced additional inspections. 


?We continue to work with all of our suppliers to ensure that they deliver to the quality and standards we expect.?


Louise has been compensated with Nando?s vouchers and also accepted an invitation to visit Salad to Go?s warehouse in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. 


But she said prepared salads are now off the menu, adding: ?I?m never going to eat a pre-packaged salad again, ever in my life.?

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