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On the outset it must be placed on record that Tsogo Sun is the Holding Company of Milpark Garden Court and Tsogo Sun makes no claim that Milpark Garden Court is Halaal. It is only upon enquiry that the catering staff mentioned that they are “Halaal Friendly.”

We’ve been down this road so many times, but it seems some people still don’t get it; there is no such term as “Halaal Friendly.” Those that have coined this phrase only use it to hoodwink and attract the Muslim Community. After an investigative journey to Milpark Garden Court it was shocking to see the number of Muslims consuming the “Halaal Friendly” breakfast. In fact on most weekends there are often more Muslim guests than non-Muslim guests. And what boggles the mind is that almost all Muslim guests are dressed in the proper Muslim attire. The men in their Kurtas and ladies in full Hijaab.

So what makes Milpark “Halaal Friendly?” I asked their management. The answer was repeated by almost all the staff like a well-rehearsed line from a text book. “Well, we buy all our meat from a very reputable Muslim butcher.” “And the pork,” I asked. “Well that comes from a separate butcher.”

“Are the Halaal products stored and prepared in separate kitchens? Well, we use the same fridge to store both items and the pork to prepared in the same ktichen but away from the Halaal products,” was the answer. “So the pork and the Halaal products share the same space in the refrigerator and are prepared in the same kitchen? Yes, that is correct,” was the answer.

“Doesn’t the Muslim Chef insist on keeping them apart, was my next question.” The answer was, “we don’t have any Muslims working in our kitchen.” By this time I was shivering in my boots and sweating from my brows, but I probed further. “So you don’t have any Muslims in the kitchen and you store all the products in the same refrigerator and you claim you are Halaal Friendly? Well, we dont serve Halaal Friendly breakfasts every day unless we have a special request. We are only Halaal Friendly on weekends, from Monday to Thursday we serve the bacon and pork sausages and during the weekends we serve the macon, mutton sausages and the bacon, but the bacon is kept away from the Halaal products.”

By this time my mouth was dry. I was stammering and could not believe what was being said to me, more especially I couldn’t believe that was a Muslim family with their children devouring the “Halaal” sausages that were snuggled closely to bacon just a few minutes ago. It was my duty to approach the Brother, so I walk to their table, exchanged greetings and asked only one question; “Brother do you keep any pork or bacon in your fridge at home?” His answer was, “how can you ask me something like that, I am a Muslim just like you, do you want me to go against all my principals and beliefs and make my entire household Haraam.”

“Well, brother I just want you to know that the sausage which you are eating has come from the same fridge as the bacon.” He was quick to rapidly eject it from his mouth and he ordered his family to do the same. However, he insisted that the lady at the front desk said that all the meat here was Halaal. My answer to him was, “indeed it was Halaal when it arrived, but my brother it was not Halaal when it was served to you. That Halaal sausage became Haraam as soon as it was placed in the fridge because it was store in a non-Halaal environment.” He was furious and wanted to do the most ridiculous things to the Hotel, however, after gently calming him down he realized the Hotel did not misrepresent itself with regard to its Halaal status.

What the staff at the Hotel say to the Muslim guests is 100% correct, they say that they do serve Halaal products however, they do not claim to be Halaal and they never once hid the fact that pork or bacon was also being served. All the hotel did was used the term “Halaal Friendly” and in doing so it attracted the Muslim community. The blame here lies soley on those Muslims that choose to eat at establishments like the Milpark Garden Court. Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of Hotels and other accommodation venues that are now classing themselves as “Halaal Friendly” and guess what? They have the Muslims flocking to them in their hundreds, all because someone in our community says that they are Halaal.

As a Muslim we should question these establishments and not just accept the word of someone who is not even in the fold of Islam. Or, is it that we are getting confused with the way the chef dresses, we feel that because he is dressed in white and wears a white hat it makes him Muslim and therefore, the food is Halaal. Today, even people living in caves understand the basics of Islam. And what we are discussing here is a basic fulfilment of Islam. Its plain and simple! Food from any non-Muslim establishment that is not certified Halaal should not go near the lips of any Muslim.

It is such a shame to see our Brothers, who are supposed to be the Imam’s in their family and the women who are supposed to be a university of knowledge ruin the future flag bearers of Islam by feeding their children Haraam food. Remember! For the last time, there is no such term as “Halaal Friendly”, it is either Halaal or Haraam and Milpark Garden Court is definitely NOT HALAAL!!!

Editor - Islam Alive


Throughout our two decades of service we have consistently cautioned the community on patronising these type of outlets to guard against what was personally experieced by the editor of the Islam Alive publication.

The Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) predicted that “There will come a time upon my Ummah when people will not be concerned about what they consume. It wil not matter to them whether it is Haraam or Halaal.” It is further reported, “When such time appears, none of their duas will accepted.” (Al Bukhari)

For a better / broader understanding please click here for our exposition entitled, “Halaal Friendly.”

EBL 006 – 25/07/2016

Islam Alive Article May 2016
Issue 79 Vol. 7

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