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Three students of Pristine Private School in Dubai are working on an app to reduce food waste in the UAE.

The FoodAge App is the winning project of the first edition of Taqaddam UAE School Level Competition, launched last March across 12 schools with 240 participating students in UAE.

FoodAge App-extracted from the phrase food wastage- will allow users to keep track of food stocks, expiry dates and provide tips on right methods to preserve food items. It will also include a feature that allows people to donate their surplus food to the needy.

"We wanted to develop a project that solves a prominent problem in the community. We found the food waste is a common issue because many people find it hard to sustain their own food," said 11th grader James Cyrus who's developing the app along with his classmates Mohsin Biswas and Zachariah Leon.

Previous studies have revealed that GCC countries were among the world's top generators of food waste. According to estimates by Dubai Municipality, food waste in the UAE comprises 39 per cent of an average household's organic waste. This ratio increases to roughly 55 per cent, or 1,850 tonnes, during the holy month of Ramadan.

Through the app, users will be able to register their food product by scanning their barcode, and once the product has been scanned, there would be constant reminders to show nutritional value and its expiry date.

Team member Biswas added that the goal is to spread the app among the youth and make it a global volunteering program on the long term.

Ref: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/general/an-app-to-reduce-waste-in-uae

SANHA comments:
We salute the noble efforts of these youth and wish them well. We also remind ourselves that maintaining the Sunnah lifestyle is essential to eliminating extravagance and wastage, e.g. living moderately within our means, eating in moderation, eating clean all food off our plates, consideration for the less fortunate etc. We ask Allah to instil the spiritual values of Islam in us, guide us towards simplicity & moderation in our eating habits and forgive our shortcomings in this regard.
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