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Peels Holding (Pty) Ltd ta Peels Honey

Category: Culinary - Honey Products

Tel: 033 330 3762

Address: 1 Boston Road, Merrivale, Howick, 3291, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Certified Halaal by SANHA


1 Peel's Honey 140g Peels H/Comb Rock Bucket FGCONHON0001 140g
2 Peel's Honey 240g Peels H/comb Rock Bucket FGCONHON0002 240g
3 Peel's Honey Almond Brittle 100g FGCONALM0001 100g
4 Peel's Honey Almond Nut Brittle 250g FGCONALM0003 250g
5 Peel's Honey Almond Nut Brittle 500g FGCONALM0004 500g
6 Peel's Honey Almond Tub 175g FGCONALM0002 175g
7 Peel's Honey Barley Brittle 240g tub FGCONBAR0002 240g
8 Peel's Honey Barley Brittle 100g packet FGCONBAR0001 100g
9 Peel's Honey Barley Brittle 250g FGCONBAR0003 250g
10 Peel's Honey Barley Brittle 500g FGCONBAR0004 500g
11 Peel's Honey Cashew Nut Tub 175g FGCONCAS0002 175g
12 Peel's Honey Cashew Nut 500g FGCONCAS0004 500g
13 Peel's Honey Cashew Nut Brittle 100g FGCONCAS0001 100g
14 Peel's Honey Cashew Nut Brittle 250g FGCONCAS0003 250g
15 Peel's Honey Creamed Honey 3kg FGHONCRE0005 3kg
16 Peel's Honey Creamed Honey 6kg FGHONCRE0006 6kg
17 Peel's Honey Creamed Honey 1kg FGHONCRE0004 1kg
18 Peel's Honey Creamed Honey 200g FGHONCRE0001 200g
19 Peel's Honey Creamed Honey 375g FGHONCRE0002 375g
20 Peel's Honey Creamed Honey 500g FGHONCRE0003 500g
21 Peel's Honey Fudge 100g packets FGCONFUD0001 100g
22 Peel's Honey Fudge 180g Tub FGCONFUD0002 180g
23 Peel's Honey Honey Scotch 100g packet FGCONH-S0001 100g
24 Peel's Honey Honey Scotch 175g tub FGCONH-S0002 175g
25 Peel's Honey Honey Scotch Brittle 500g FGCONH-S0004 500g
26 Peel's Honey Honey Scotch 250g FGCONH-S0003 250g
27 Peel's Honey Liquid Honey 1kg Round Jar FGHONLIQ0007 1kg
28 Peel's Honey Liquid Honey 3kg Bucket FGHONLIQ0008 3kg
29 Peel's Honey Liquid Honey 6kg Bucket FGHONLIQ0009 6kg
30 Peel's Honey Liquid Honey 190g FGHONLIQ0001 190g
31 Peel's Honey Liquid Honey 375g Round FGHONLIQ0002 375g
32 Peel's Honey Liquid Honey 500g round FGHONLIQ0004 500g
33 Peel's Honey Liquid Honey Bucket 25kg FGHONLIQ0010 25kg
34 Peel's Honey Macadamia Nut Tub 175g FGCONMAC0002 175g
35 Peel's Honey Macadamia Nut 100g FGCONMAC0001 100g
36 Peel's Honey Macadamia Nut 250g FGCONMAC0003 250g
37 Peel's Honey Macadamia Nut 500g FGCONMAC0004 500g
38 Peel's Honey Peanut Brittle - 250g packet FGCONPEA0004 250gP
39 Peel's Honey Peanut Brittle 125g Packet FGCONPEA0001 125g
40 Peel's Honey Peanut Brittle 250g FGCONPEA0003 250gB
41 Peel's Honey Peanut Brittle 500g FGCONPEA0005 500g
42 Peel's Honey Peanut Brittle Tub 175g FGCONPEA0002 175g
43 Peel's Honey Pecan Nut 175g Tub FGCONPEC0002 175g
44 Peel's Honey Pecan Nut Brittle 100g packet FGCONPEC0001 100g
45 Peel's Honey Pecan Nut Brittle 250g FGCONPEC0003 250g
46 Peel's Honey Pecan Nut Brittle 500g FGCONPEC0004 500g
47 Peel's Honey Raw Honey 1kg FGHONRAW0003 1kg
48 Peel's Honey Raw Honey 375g FGHONRAW0001 375g
49 Peel's Honey Raw Honey 3kg FGHONRAW0004 3kg
50 Peel's Honey Raw Honey 500g FGHONRAW0002 500g
51 Peel's Honey Raw Honey 6kg FGHONRAW0005 6kg
52 Peel's Honey Sesame Brittle 100g packet FGCONSES0001 100g
53 Peel's Honey Sesame Brittle 175g Tub FGCONSES0002 175g
54 Peel's Honey Sesame Brittle 250g FGCONSES0003 250g
55 Peel's Honey Sesame Brittle 500g FGCONSES0004 500g
56 Peel's Honey Squeeze Honey 375g FGHONLIQ0003 375g
57 Peel's Honey Squeeze Honey 500g FGHONLIQ0005 500g
58 Peel's Honey Squeeze Honey 970g FGHONLIQ0006 970g
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