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The Original Spice World CC

Category: Culinary - Spices and Condiments

Tel: 031 705 6569

Address: 17 Kinsman Industrial Park, 10 Kinsman Road, New Germany, 3610, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Certified Halaal by SANHA


1 Barbeque Sprinkle Bp007 1kg
2 Bbq Chicken
3 Bbq Without Garlic BP027A 1kg
4 Bbq Without Garlic BP027 5kg
5 Bbq Without Garlic Bp027b 25kg
6 Beef Fry Bp059 2kg
7 Beef Sausage Concentrate Rm006 N/A
8 Beef Stock Bp099 1kg
9 Biltong Concentrate
10 Biltong Cure Std Bp061 1kg
11 Birds Eye Chilli Diluted
12 Boerewors Sa Conc RMm012 N/A
13 Bothas Hill Mutton Bp028 9kg
14 Brine Mix BP013 12kg
15 Burgerwors Boerewors Bp011 1kg
16 Butter Sprinkle SEAS 1045 1kg
17 Cabanossi Bp082 25kg
18 Cajun Spice Bp097 1kg
19 Carmosine Diluted
20 Chakalaka Soup SOUSANCHA7 5kg
21 Chargrill Burger Spice Pack CB001 1kg
22 Cheese Sprinkle SEAS 1075 1kg
23 Chicken Sausage Bp033 1kg
24 Chicken Soup SOUSANCHA5 5kg
25 Chicken Spice BP068 1kg
26 Chicken Stock Bp098 1kg
27 Chilli Beef Soup SOUSANCHB5 5kg
28 Chilli Sauce CS 2 2lt
29 Chip Sprinkle Bp110 1kg
30 Classic Food Chicken Spicing BP146 5kg
31 Classic Food Spicy Batter BP145 5kg
32 Cooked Salami Russian Bp063 25kg
33 Coriander Oil
34 Coriander Oil Diluted
35 Coriander Roasted Concentrate
36 Curry Hot Ns037 1kg
37 Dry Wors Std Bp047 25kg
38 Duitse Russian Bp064 1.2 / 24kg
39 Easy Mix Bbq Bp093 1kg
40 Easy Mix Lemon And Herb Bp092 1kg
41 Easy Mix Port Peri Bp089 1kg
42 Easy Mix Savoury Bp085 1kg
43 Easy Mix Sosatie Bp084 1kg
44 Easy Mix Spare Rib Bp088 1kg
45 Farm Boerewors Bp002 1kg
46 Fish Spice Bp051 1kg
47 Fruit Chutney FC 5 5lt
48 Garlic Salt
49 Herb Mix Conc
50 Honey And Pineapple Bp048 1kg
51 Hot and Spicy Sprinkle SP001 1kg
52 Kameelboom cas002 1kg
53 Kassegriller Bp052 25kg
54 Marjoram Diluted
55 Mixed Herbs NS039 N/A
56 Natal Mutton Bp003 1kg
57 Onion And Garlic Blend
58 Onion Concentrate
59 Onion Oil Diluted
60 Paprika OR Diluted
61 Patti Mix Bp006 1kg
62 Pepper Burger PB001 1kg
63 Pepper Steak BP017 1kg
64 Pepper Steak Bp020 4kg
65 Peri Peri Hot NS012 25kg
66 Plot Wors Bp071 25kg
67 Praque Powder NS040 1 kg
68 Regal Sausage Fresh Bp069 20.5kg
69 Russian Blend
70 Sa Boerewors Bp060 1kg
71 Salt & Vinegar SEAS 0595 1kg
72 Salt & Vinegar Sprinkle NS068 1kg
73 Sausage Spice LR099
74 Sausage Supreme P BP101A 1.2kg
75 Seasoning Supreme Bp046 1kg
76 Seasoning Supreme Bp046a 5kg
77 Seasoning Supreme Conc
78 Six Gun Shooter Bp096 25kg
79 Smokey Russian Bp103 1kg
80 Sour Cream And Chives SEAS 1105 1kg
81 Soya Burger Bp018 1kg
82 Spicy Burger Bp055 1kg
83 Spicy Mutton Bp005 1kg
84 Steak And Chops Bp045 1kg
85 Steakkette Burger Bp023 6kg
86 Supercure
87 Sweet Pepper Pre-Mix Bp091 25kg
88 Tomato Sauce TS 5lt
89 Traditional Boerewors Bp058 1kg
90 Tumble Mix Bp042 1.6kg
91 Vrystaat Sosatie Bp076 25kg
92 Winchester Grill BP066 1kg
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