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Court orders halal supermarket in Paris to close because it does not sell pork or wine Print

The Good Price mini-market in Colombes did not comply with the conditions of its lease, which stated the shop must act as a "general food store," the Court of Nanterre ruled.

The local authority argued members of the local community were not being served properly because the shop did not sell pork or alcohol products.

A bailiff's report said the store almost exclusively stocked halal products.

When the manager was questioned at the time, he said: "It's business. I look around me and I target what I see."

His lawyer argued alcohol "is not part of the general diet" and the store had no obligations to sell it as it was only a complement to food.

The court said the products the shop stocked were "restrictive and did not fit the broad concept of general good."

It ordered the termination of the store's lease and ordered the eviction of the tenants.

The manager was ordered to pay €4,000 to the local authority in legal costs.


SANHA comments:
In an era of increased tribulations, every dimension of one’s faith, including Halaal will be tested. We ask Allah to grant us steadfastness.

Muslim businessmen should be cognisant of the fine print attached to lease agreements and franchise contracts as some of them stipulate it a prerequisite that pork and liquor also be made available to patrons. As Muslims, we cannot trade in Haraam items even if our customer-base is non-Muslim.
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