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A Brief Overview of Requirements

A memorandum of Agreement shall be entered into between SANHA and the Franchisor which shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • Authorised bona fide Muslim supervision is a prerequisite for Halaal certified stores.
  • In the event of Central Kitchen Supply, all raw materials, ingredients, etc. must conform to SANHA requirements. All incoming and outgoing items be scrutinised and approved by SANHA Muslim supervisor(s) who shall be directly responsible for monitoring and control of the Kitchen on a daily basis.
  • In the event of private purchases by stores, this will be permitted only from suppliers who have been explicitly approved by SANHA.
  • No non-Halaal item and/or alcohol shall be allowed on the premises at any given time.
  • All stores, which desire Halaal status, shall apply to SANHA for Halaal certification. A formal Memorandum of Agreement shall be entered into between the parties detailing Halaal procedures and requirements.
  • No duplication of Halaal certification shall be allowed.
  • All promotional products and/or new menu items shall be approved in writing by SANHA prior to any advertisement, launch or introduction. Any such change to be communicated to SANHA atleast 30 working days prior to effecting such change.
  • Staff shall not be allowed to bring their own food onto the premises.
  • Monthly inspections shall be conducted at all Halaal-certified stores and also to the suppliers of raw materials, ingredients, sauces, etc. All costs incurred for these inspections shall be borne by the Licensee.
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