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  1. All complaints and appeals received shall be forwarded to the QA Department for the attention of the QA Manager at qa@sanha.org.za

  2. The QA Manager shall log all such complaints and appeals and send an acknowledgement to the complainant or appellant.

  3. The QA Manager shall then determine if this complaint or appeal relates to SANHA's certification activity.

  4. If so, the QA Manager shall investigate and validate the complaint.

  5. The QA Manager, together with other management team members and relevant parties, shall collect and verify all information relating to the complaint or appeal.

  6. Once the information and evidence is gathered and verified, a report of the complaint shall be compiled and submitted to the Complaints and Appeals committee for a decision to resolve the complaint or appeal.

  7. Once the matter is resolved and a decision is made by the committee, the QA Manager shall notify the complainant or appellant of the end of the complaint or appeal process and its outcome.

  8. The QA Manager shall then ensure that subsequent correction and corrective action is taken by the respective party/ies to resolve the complaint or appeal.
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