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Indonesia to postpone Halal label deadline amid industry concerns Print

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia will push back by as much as seven years an October deadline for halal labels on food, drugs and cosmetics, after industry voiced fears the move could bring chaos and threaten supplies of life-saving vaccines and other products.

In 2014, the world’s biggest Muslim-majority country adopted a measure for labels certifying whether products are halal, or suitable for consumption in line with Islamic laws. If not labeled, they would face sale bans.

A presidential decree giving industries a transition period of several years to comply with the law now awaits President Joko Widodo’s signature, said Sukoso, the head of the panel overseeing the process along with Muslim clerics.

“We’re preparing the infrastructure now, for example a halal information system,” added Sukoso, who goes by one name. “We hope the process can run smoothly and we can reach every corner of Indonesia.”

The food industry would be given a deadline until 2024 to get halal certificates, said Sukoso, the chief of the Halal Product Assurance Body (BPJPH), though he declined to give a date for compliance by the drugs industry.

Originally intended as a voluntary step, the law was meant partly to help boost exports to Muslim countries by upgrading halal certificates issued by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), that is recognized by few countries, as it is not a government body.

SANHA Comments:
Throughout the world there is growing awareness of Halaal and the importance of all to participate in this endeavour, from the Muslim individual to Muslim governments. May Allah imbue our efforts with sincerity and guide us to what pleases Him.

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