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PATERSON - The Paterson Public School District is launching a pilot program to serve Halaal food to some of its students.

Two schools in the district will serve the food…. Paterson is one of New Jersey’s most diverse cities, with one of the state’s largest Muslim populations.

The program will run through the end of the school year and costs about $40,000.

 “We made 500 meals at Kennedy High School that were Halaal and 400 at School No. 5,’ says Superintendent Eileen Shafer. “It was just really great because, for me, we really need to address students’ needs and we all know children can’t learn on an empty stomach.”

The program’s future will be based on student participation. If it is successful, officials say that Halaal meals will be a requirement written into their bid for food vendors serving the district.

SANHA Comments:
We congratulate the school district authorities on their tolerance and concern for the needs of the Muslim community.

Muslims should take this an example of adhering to our religion and teaching our neighbours about our faith and needs with tolerance and understanding.
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