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The website of The Great British School Swap is a program describes itself as “…a radical experiment that explores racial segregation in Britain, pupils from schools in very different areas swap places.”

In the latest episode:
The Great British School Swap returned tonight and parents had agreed to visit each others homes for a meal. Dan’s mum Kate invited Miriam’s family over for dinner with Halal paprika chicken wraps on the menu, however she wasn’t completely confident on what exactly Halal was. She wasn’t alone though as her son wasn’t sure either, telling the cameras: ‘I think it’s a certain cut of meat that you’re not able to eat, like I think it’s the back end of an animal.’ Kate walked around the supermarket and loaded her basket with ingredients, but when she picked up an iceberg lettuce Daniel asked: ‘Mum is the lettuce Halal?’ ‘Does it have to be Halal?’ Kate quizzed. Dan replied: ‘Yes, everything has to be Halal.’ Beginning to panic, Kate worried: ‘Where am I going to get that from?’ Luckily, Daniel suggested googling the term to find out the definition, which is meat prepared as prescribed by Muslim law.


The incident generated much comment on social media, and also highlights certain issues which SANHA comments on below:

  • We salute the lady who has shown such tolerance and consideration to her Muslim guests. We pray that such consideration spreads and that this serves as a lesson for Muslims to be even more conscientious of the commands of God.  
  • Muslims interact with others on a daily basis in our places of work, education, residence etc. We should be equipped to explain the basics of our beautiful religion.
  • While there are many similarities between Kosher and Halaal, each should be treated in its correct place, e.g. the misunderstanding of not eating the back end of an animal relates to Kosher, not Halaal.
  • Proper authorities should be consulted in religious matters, e.g. SANHA and the HMC in the UK. The definition Daniel  obtained on Google does not cover the contemporary issues Muslim face, e.g. bakery products using lard.
  • For further reading on what is Halaal, please read here .


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