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Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof said Malaysia will soon spearhead a move to unify halal certification worldwide.

Mohd Redzuan said the halal industry has always been one of the main agendas that his ministry has focused on and the aim to achieve a single halal certification was made after several countries agreed with Malaysia that the unification was needed.

“We obtained feedback from several countries.. and they agreed with Malaysia for the unification of the halal certification for the world.

“There is a major consensus on this though it has yet to be formalised, which is to have Malaysia to lead Muslim countries for the unification so that we are borderless in terms of applying halal lifestyle,” he told a special interview in conjunction with Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) first anniversary in power.

Mohd Redzuan said if the halal unification is successfully implemented it would mean that one single halal certification will govern everything in the entire world.

He said most Muslim countries have recognised that Malaysia has the highest standards set when it comes to halal certification guidelines.

“With our high standards being recognised by most Muslim countries, they want to use as a basis to unify the certifications so that we are more open to the entire market.

“We are seen as champions to spearhead he halal unification,” he said.

Mohd Rezuan cited as an example that there will be no difference between Saudi Arabia and Malaysia in the future if the halal certification is the same.

“At the moment there are some products accepted in other countries but not in Malaysia because it doesn't meet Jakim's requirement.

“With a unified halal certification it will no longer be like that,” he said.


SANHA Comments:
JAKIM of Malaysia has indeed been a forerunner in the Halaal field in Muslim countries. The acute need to protect our religion has often led to Muslims in minority situations being more sensitive to striving in the field of Halaal, than many Muslim majority countries.

The effort towards agreement on standards is an ongoing project, which needs to accommodate the needs of Muslims worldwide, while also recognising the time honoured Islamic principle of respecting differences of valid juristic opinions.


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