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Albany has launched tamperproof packaging to ensure consumers get peace of mind when making their bread purchase.

"Albany is a leader in the bread industry and when it comes to packaging we are ahead of the game. We are delighted to offer this packaging solution to our consumer to ensure that the loaf of bread they are buying is not compromised in any way," says Lorraine de Graaff, marketing director, Albany.

Albany is always looking at ways to improve packaging and this innovation adds to the brand promise. The bakery can guarantee the product integrity by providing a laser heat seal. This allows the consumer to detect whether any tampering has taken place. "This is an additional measure to ensure hygiene and product safety which is what our consumers have come to expect," says De Graaff.

The new packaging requires changes at the bakery which will see 68 machines put to the task.


Packaging will include the new 'Sealed with love' logo with the 'new tamper proof seal' image so that consumers can immediately recognise the secure packs.


SANHA certifies Albany Bakery as Halaal.

There are several matters of concern Muslims should be aware of in regards bakeries, which are explained in the following article.

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