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Halal cat food makes inroads in Southeast Asia Print

Powercat, which claims to be the only Halal-certified cat food globally, is testing well in Southeast Asia.

Powercat, a Malaysian pet food brand that claims to be the only Halal-certified cat food in the world, has found a receptive testbed in Southeast Asia for its unique offering.

Manufactured by Adabi Consumer Industries Group of Companies, Powercat is available to date in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. It’s been developed primarily with Muslim cat owners in mind, but it also now attracts non-Muslim cat owners who want to be guaranteed that their cats’ food is absolutely clean.

Adabi is the first Malaysian food manufacturer to receive the Halal vertification [sic] from its government's Islamic Affairs Division. The company also has a HACCP certification (hazard analysis and critical control points, an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food) that ensures all its products, be they for humans or pets, meet the highest manufacturing standards for hygiene and quality.

Growing demand for ?al?l cat food

With 1.9 billion Muslims on the planet, 240 million of them in Southeast Asia, there’s no denying the enormous market for halal cat food.

In Indonesia, home to the world’s biggest Muslim population (227 million and counting), halal cat food is arguably a real necessity. Here, Powercat has received a halal certification from the Halal Product Assurance Body of the Indonesian Ulema Council, the nation’s highest Islamic authority.


SANHA Comments:
Isl?mic Law prohibits Muslims from consuming ?ar?m (not ?al?l), as well as intentionally feeding ?ar?m to others, be they Muslims, non-Muslims, or even animals. As such, pet owners may not feed their pets with ?ar?m.

Commercial pet food can be given to pets to consume provided no blood, blood meal, pig/pork or pig by-product are used to manufacture the product. Please check the labelling to ascertain same.
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