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KUALA LUMPUR - Boosting halal business overseas will once again be a priority this year for Malaysia, which is being positioned by officials as the world’s convenience store for Islamic commerce.

Aside from its longstanding expertise in halal and its  highly regarded standard of certification, the country will put its prowess as a centre for sourcing halal ingredients and materials into focus.

This will be done with the support of the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation, better known as MATRADE, whose deputy chief executive said: “Malaysia will be the place to do the sourcing. It should be the meeting point for all halal players.”

To reinforce the narrative, Mustafa Abdul Aziz said delegations will support Malaysian businesses at many of the main global food and beverage shows, including Gulfood in Dubai and Paris’s Sial.

MIHAS, the annual Malaysian halal trade showcase MATRADE organises, expects to see double the number of foreign buyers when it returns on April 1. This is in a bid to “position Malaysia as a halal hub for importers and distributors,” Mustafa added.

But to achieve this, bigger numbers of halal companies need to start exporting, armed with Malaysian halal certification.

According to the government’s international trade agency, there are 8,120 companies involved in the halal industry, of which 70.4% are in food and beverage and 23% are in services such as logistics and financial services. Of the halal-certified companies, only around a quarter, or 1,847, export their goods and services overseas, though the numbers had been improving.

Japan and Taiwan signed an agreement with MATRADE in 2018 to develop the halal industry in their countries. Now Taiwan is working towards a collaboration with various Malaysian agencies, including MATRADE and the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), to boost halal in the country, Mohd Mustafa said.

Japan will launch a halal tourism campaign in conjunction with the Tokyo Olympics in August.

SANHA Comments:
As Muslims we thank All?h for providing us with permissible products in ever increasing variety and number. Through the efforts of various role-players it is easy for the Muslim consumers to observe their obligations in this facet of Isl?m. Muslim traders should seek to expand their role in this service, which if done correctly, can be accepted as as an act of worship in All?h’s Court.  

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