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The company's business model has pivoted to include more restaurants that are smaller in size but designed to be more efficient. The focus will be on the better use of less space instead of the large spaces it traditionally occupied in large mall developments. In a statement, Ocean Basket says that while malls remain "a business imperative", strip malls and smaller, convenient neighbourhood centres are on the rise. The company notes that smaller stores need less staff, occupy less space and have lower development costs, which all have a positive effect on ROI.

Ocean Basket's head of strategy Jean Sloane says that there is a compelling proposition for space optimisation. “Rentals are at an all-time high and space is at a premium. Businesses need to innovate around these challenges.” Larger Ocean Basket restaurants won't be disappearing for good though, as Sloane says there an opportunity for both bigger and smaller stores in a variety of locations. “Because of our simple model – no complicated dishes, few ingredients, modular shop designs and the limited need for regular deliveries – we are ideally suited to do both. Small and big stores can deliver good ROI together.”

Return to roots

The first Ocean Basket restaurant opened by Fats Lazarides in Menlyn Park, Pretoria, in 1995 was a tiny 60m? space with just six tables. The menu offered only a handful of dishes, and Lazarides knew customers by name .
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Many Muslims are not aware that prepared seafood may not be compliant to their religious dietary requirements. Marinades may include prohibited substances such as white wine, and we should also be cognisant of the Hadith: "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day must not sit at a table at which khamr is consumed." [Musnad Ahmad]
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