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The body requires a number of minerals in order to maintain its proper functioning. Macrominerals are those minerals needed in large amounts.
  • Calcium – found in dairy, sardines with bones and sesame seeds. Calcium build and strengthens bones and teeth, is vital to nerve transmission, blood clotting and muscle functions. Deficiency leads to muscle weakness, back pain, brittle bones and osteoporosis. Adult Daily Requirements (ADR) is 700mg for both sexes.
  • Chloride – found in table salt and foods containing it. Chloride maintains the body’s fluid and electrolyte balances and is vital for stomach acid formation. ADR is 2500mg for both sexes. 
  • Magnesium – found in wholegrain cereals, wheatgerm, pulses, nuts, sesame seeds and dried figs. It is a vital bone component and assists in nerve impulses and muscle contraction. Deficiency leads to muscle cramps, heart palpitations and tension headaches. Excess leads to diarrhoea.  ADR is 270mg for females and 300mg for males. 
  • Phosphorus – found in all plant and animal protein, e.g. dairy, red meat, fish and seeds. It helps form healthy bones and teeth, helps release energy in cells and is needed for the body to absorb many nutrients. Prolonged use of antacids can lead to deficiency. Excess can hamper the body’s usage of calcium and magnesium. ADR is 550mg for both sexes. 
  • Potassium – found in avocadoes, fresh and dried fruit, seeds, nuts, bananas and pulses. It maintains fluid and electrolyte balances, regular heartbeat and blood pressure and is essential for nerve pulse transmission. Deficiency leads to confusion, thirst and apathy. Excess can cause lethargy, paralysis and heart failure. ADR is 3500mg for both sexes. 
  • Sodium – found in table salt, tinned anchovies, processed meats and yeast extracts. Sodium helps regulate fluid balance and is essential for nerve and muscle function. Deficiency leads to dehydration, low blood pressure and muscle cramps. Excess causes fluid retention, high blood pressure, strokes and failure of heart and kidneys functions. ADR is 1600mg for both sexes. 
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