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BEE Packaging (Pty) Ltd

Category: Processing & Packaging Aids

Tel: 021-205-8228

Address: 4 Thor Circle, Viking Park, Thornton, Cape Town, 7460, Western Cape, South Africa

Certified Halaal by SANHA


1 Airlaid Napkins BFG1000 400mmx400mm 500's
2 Airlaid Napkins BFG5001 400mmx400mm 1000's
3 Airlaid Napkins BFG5050 400mmx200mm 1000's
4 Baking Paper Rolls BFG4009 300roll 1/S-Sil 10m(25rls
5 Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (Bopp) Round Discs BFG3001 100 Pp 25x1000's
6 Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (Bopp) Round Discs BFG3002 130 Pp 25x1000's
7 Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (Bopp) Sheets BFG3003 220x280 Pp 20x1000's
8 Coffee Coasters White BFG10002 90 Pln 10x1000's
9 Coffee Filter Paper Rolls BFG7004 430x0x54gsm Rolls
10 Cooking Oil Filter - Conical BFG2002 245 Conical 10x50's
11 Cooking Oil Filter - Mini Filter BFG2008 30pp X 12packs
12 Cooking Oil Filter - Pht BFG2001 350x525 Pht 100's
13 Fish And Chips Paper BFG11001 465mm X 640mm 2 Kg
14 Fish And Chips Paper - Double Sided Coated BFG7003 455x640x90gsm (1000)
15 Grease Proof Paper Sheets BFG7001 686mmx430mm 2kg Pa
16 Grease Proof Sheets BFG5002 686mmx430mm 4.8kg
17 Wax Patty Separators Octogons BFG1005 Octagon Hole 12x1000's
18 Wax Patty Separators Squares BFG1011 Hole 25x1000's
19 Waxed Paper Rolls BFG1004 110roll 3x1259m
20 Waxed Paper Rolls BFG1013 300mm X 20 Metres 55gs
21 Waxed Paper Rolls BFG1014 300mm X 20 Metres 28g
22 Waxed Paper Rolls BFG1015 300mm X 20 Metres 33g
23 Waxed Paper Rolls BFG1016 300mm X 20 Metres 28g
24 Waxed Patty Separators Squares BFG1001 127mm X 127mm With 6hole 12x1000's
25 Waxed Patty Separators Squares BFG1002 113mm X 113mm With 6hole 12x1000's
26 Waxed Patty Separators Squares BFG1003 113mm X 113mm With 4hole 12x1000's
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If you do not find what you are looking for or if you would like to query further, you may contact our Halaal Helpline on 0861 786 111 or Click here to contact us via e-mail.


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