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Pioneer Foods said it has received reports of small shards of glass in a single batch of Liqui Fruit Red Grape still 330ml cans.

“The investigation as to the root cause and extent of the issue is underway but as a precautionary measure, we are conducting a product recall of a particular single batch of Liqui Fruit Red Grape 330ml cans,” Pioneer Foods said.

The description of the product in question is as follows:

Pioneer Foods Product Code: 27327
Outer case Barcode: 6001240225615
Shrink pack Barcode: 6001240225608
Single Unit Barcode: 6001240225592 – (printed on side of can)
Specific date coding BB 01.04.2021 C TIME and BB 02.04.2021 C TIME

Acting Consumer Commissioner Thezi Mabuza said while the Commission has not received a full notification in terms of the product safety recall guidelines, Pioneer Foods is still conducting an investigation into the extent of the issue.

“We urge consumers who bought this product to stop consuming it immediately and return it back to the retailer of purchase for a full refund,” Mabuza said on Sunday.

Consumers are urged not to dispose of the product but return it to the retailer.


SANHA Comments:

Food contamination with foreign objects which might harm one physically is a matter of general concern. A Muslim is most assuredly also concerned that spiritually harmful substances do not contaminate his food. This is an integral cornerstone of the SANHA mission, that the forbidden should not contaminate the permissible.

Muslims should also be aware of juices (particularly from dates and grapes) that while originally pure and permissible, may become impure and unlawful. If exposed to heat over a period, juices may ferment and become intoxicating. If the juice thickens, foams and froths bubbles by itself, then it should be discarded.
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