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Mexicorn (Pty) Ltd

Category: Bakery

Address: Unit 7, Milcon Park, 15th Avenue, Kensington, Maitland, Western Cape, South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)21 593 3333
Fax: +27 (0)21 593 3333

Certified Halaal by SANHA

List of Products Manufactured by :: Mexicorn (Pty) Ltd

1 Mexicorn Sundried Tomato Wraps 420grm/6's
2 Mexicorn Traditional Tortilla 420grm/6's
3 Mexicorn Traditional Wraps 320grm/ 8's
4 Mexicorn Wholegrain Tortilla 420grm/6's
5 Mexicorn Wholegrain Wraps 320grm/ 8's
6 Clicks BBQ Nacho Chips  
7 Clicks Sweet Chilli Nacho Chips  
8 Clicks Whole Grain Nacho Chips  
9 Mexicorn Avo, Lemon & Black Pepper  
10 Mexicorn Cajun BBQ  
11 Mexicorn Chilli, Ginger & Lime 250g & 100g
12 Mexicorn Feta, Herb & Garlic 250g & 100g
13 Mexicorn Lightly Salted/Plain 250g & 100g
14 Mexicorn Mexican Salsa 250g & 100g
15 Mexicorn Mixed/ Howard 100g
16 Mexicorn Paprika Cheese 250g & 100g
17 Woolworths Chipotle BBQ 250g
18 Woolworths Maple BBQ Nacho Chips 100g
19 Woolworths Multiseed 250g
20 Woolworths Plain 250g
21 Woolworths Salsa 250g
22 Woolworths Srirach Nacho Chips 100g
23 Mexicorn Black Bean 200ml
24 Mexicorn Chipotle 200ml
25 Mexicorn Chipotle in Adobo 200ml
26 Mexicorn Mexico Green 200ml
27 Mexicorn Traditional/ Chunky Tomato 200ml
28 Mexicorn Chilli 160g
29 Mexicorn Cheddar 160g
30 Mexicorn Cocoa 160g
31 Mexicorn Multigrain 160g
32 Woolworths Cajun BBQ 140g
33 Woolworths Nachos Cheese 140g
34 Woolworths Salsa 140g
35 Mexicorn Corn Tortilla 17cm
36 Mexicorn Cubana Longlife 17cm
37 Mexicorn Flour Tortilla 20cm
38 Mexicorn Kauai Snack Wrap 20cm
39 Mexicorn Large 27cm
40 Mexicorn Lombardi- Long Life 25cm
41 Mexicorn Longlife 30cm
42 Mexicorn Wholewheat & Parsley 27cm
43 Weighless Plain 17cm
44 Weighless Sundried Tomato 17cm
45 Weighless Wholewheat 17cm
46 Mexicorn Mugg &Bean 6x500g
47 Mexicorn Plain 250g
48 Mexicorn Salsa 5kg box, 50x100g, 25x300g
49 Mexicorn Plain 250g
50 Mexicorn Quarters Cater 250g
51 Mexicorn Quarters Mellisas 250g
52 Mexicorn Spicy Tomato 250g
53 Mexicorn Corn Taco 15cm
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