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(* the art of teaching others to do your bidding)

During the cold war period the superpowers of USA and the Soviet Union preyed on the insecurities and greed of other nations and made them proxies in their quest for ideological domination.

Nations and their rulers were cajoled and coerced to become client states who went on to wreak much mischief in the land. History is replete with examples of this.

In a similar vein, Molvi AS Desai of the Majlisul Ulama of the Eastern Cape and his tabloid mouthpiece, the Majlis, are using proxies to prosecute the smear campaign against SANHA.

P.O. Box 3393, Port Elizabeth 6056, South Africa
Fax: 041 451 3566, Cell: 0827866662 (C/o A.S Mall)
Email: muftis@themajlis.net

After the initial thrust of his false allegations a series of leaflets with the same basic theme were produced castigating SANHA. From his initial accusation on the Earlybird plant and alleged resignation of SANHA supervisors who turned out not to be SANHA personnel, he then extended his Haraam ruling to all Rainbow chickens. Thereafter he declared all processed poultry in South Africa as Haraam - click here to view

Not satisfied with this, he devolved the Haraam status to include all lamb and beef slaughtered at non-Muslim abattoirs irrespective of the supervision or Halaal certification of any Islamic Organisation. He even condemns all Muslim owned commercial abattoirs.

Even as you read this, the Majlis refuses to provide evidence of his allegations - Majlis letter of 14.10.008

Perhaps to reinforce his campaign or counter the rejection by the majority of Muslim consumers to follow his pronouncements, various proxies were employed as detailed below:


This unknown group surfaced with anti - SANHA leaflets regurgitating the Majlis allegations with their only contact details as postal box number 1461 at the Lenasia post office. The postal box number is registered to an individual.

Their attorney is Zehir Omar who is also the Majlis´s attorney. He stated on radio that he is unwilling to reveal the identity of this group - mp3 Interview on Radio Islam

The attorney´s details are: Tel: (011) 815 1720, Fax: (011) 362 5588


Another anonymous group that emerged in the wake of this campaign also utilising a Lenasia postal box number 1045, Lenasia 1820

The postal box belonging to the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT) and Witwatersrand Muslim Butchers Association (WMBA) was used fraudulently - NIHT letter

Furthermore their bold invitation to SANHA to pursue the matter with their attorney Zehir Omar was also revealed to be a hoax as the attorney confirmed that he had received no instructions from his clients to act for the Friends of the Scholars of the Truth.


This group wrote to us in March and April 2008 on an issue reported in... you guessed it, the Majlis using the same Lenasia postal box address of the Scholars of the Truth - Letter 1 | Letter 2. They failed to respond to our letters in the above matter.

They have now re-emerged with emails toeing the Majlis line - Click here to view


This organisation is a well known associate of the Majlis and eagerly followed up the Earlybird smear campaign.

It was in the forefront of the much vaunted oath taking ceremony and the attempted intimidation of a Radio Islam interviewer.

They also actively promoted the Majlis views and posed 50 questions ranging from interesting to inane, majority of which we have responded to publicly.

They also chastised us for questioning Molvi A.S. Desai and amongst other things they stated that "both the previous Apartheid Government and present one seek out his views repeatedly".

In reply to our question to apprise us of Moulana A.S. Desai´s service to our country they responded that they

"genuinely fear you may turn over the information to the Israeli Government whose products you have declared Halaal. There is also an added fear that the synthetic ´Halaal Pork´ industry may be given the information. The possibility that this information may also be passed on at the next ´Sunday Times food and liquor exhibition´ to some unsavory drunk chap next to you, obviously for a fee, can not be discounted."


Emails on this subject surfaced from this organisation from a Mr. MS Bhula whose email is the same as the Majlis, viz. ymma@themajlis.net

Their basis of his query was that they were acting on an email from an organisation calling themselves "Friends of the Scholars of the Truth" and wanted us to comment on it.

Zehir Omar has also been the attorney for this organisation.


In the latest strategy by Majlis in this "proxy-tution", email subject headings begin with "this time not from the Majlis"

The three individuals first launched their email under their individual names citing information from meetings held with slaughterers.

In their second email a week later they became the Independent Group of Concerned Muslims (IGCM) of 321 West Road Overport. The address is of a block of flats where no one seems to have knowledge of this group.

In their next linked announcement to the Majlis they are now referred to as the Independent Group of Concerned Muslims of South Africa (IGCMSA).

The people responsible for this group are as follows:-

  • Zakariyyah Edris Vawda
    c/o Durban Computer Tech / Car & Van Hire
    Suite 708 Office Towers, Overport City, Durban
    Tel (Bus) : 031 207 2314
    Fax: 031 207 1942
    Cell: 082 532 2812

  • Ahmed Elias (Foxy-Tiler)
    c/o 8 Tarndale Avenue, Asherville
    Tel : 031 208 2521
    Cell : 076 817 9438

  • Anwar Bodhanya
    c/o Frankstreet Security
    Tel: 031 263 2029
    Fax: 031 263 2028
    Cell: 084 500 4024

For SANHA´s response to their allegations, read Flash News No. 23


We have also had several individuals writing to us with links to the Majlis such as Molvi Haroon Ebrahim (haroone@gmail.com) who wrote to us on behalf of several organisations e.g. Young Men´s Muslim Association, Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa, Jamiat De Deur, etc. abdullahibnmumin@yahoo.com, carrion.obliterators@gmail.com, zaki@mailbox.co.za, anwar@frankstreet.co.za were also among the Majlis correspondents.

As it can been seen from the above sequence of events that proxy-tution is rife with many stories and different "spins" on this issue.

We urge you to examine accuracy of any information presented to you, where it emanates from and verify facts before reaching your own conclusions.

In the affairs of man and his haughtiness, it must be remembered that the Truth will always prevail and Allah´s Will reigns supreme.

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