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Falsehood slaughtered and Truth comes to roost


  • Is National Islamic Consumer Coundil procurator for "Scholars of the Truth"?
  • Majlis´s Allegations Lies in a Lie


    Earlybird farms, a major producer and processor of Halaal poultry products together with SANHA have been subjected to a vicious campaign on their integrity. The shenanigans and nefarious schemes of some of the players were more akin to a Shakespearean tragedy with its drama and plots.


    The characters involved are the Majlis tabloid newspaper, their attorney Zehir Omar, his clients, the anonymous "Scholars of the Truth", the two Moulana ex-supervisors, Earlybird Farms, the MJC and the South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA).


    The Gauteng based major producer and processor of Halaal poultry products under the Goldi brand in existence for about 30 years. This company is owned by Astral Foods (since 2004) and not Tiger Brands as wrongly stated by the Majlis consorts.


    They have stringently applied the requirements setout by SANHA and have given every co-operation in the implementation of Halaal standards. Their slaughter linespeed has never been raised to 48 birds per slaughterer per minute as falsely alleged by the Majlis and its consorts, "Scholars of the Truth".


    The Eastern Cape based off spring tabloid newspaper of Moulana AS Desai and his Majlisul Ulama organisation.


    They have a long history of extremist and prejudicial views against Islamic institutions, Ulama (Theological) members and individuals who do not subscribe to his views as the self appointed thought police of South Africa.


    His perennial litany of vilifications and revilement have included Muslim Schools, Islamic banks, Darul Ulooms, Khânqahs, Islamic Radio stations, Daw´ah and Tableegh Jamâ´ah, Akâbireen and leading local Ulamâ, world renowned Muslim scholars, various Islamic organizations, Muslim women who attempt to embrace Islamic dress code, the Jamiatul Ulama, the Mujahideen and Halaal certifying bodies amongst which SANHA seems to be singled out for special attention.


    In a front page article in Vol 18, No 4 of the Majlis under the sensational headline "Earlybird Chickens. Why did SANHA´s supervisors resign?", he plumbs the depths of malevolence by reporting inter alia that the chickens processed at this plant are Haraam and that "SANHA´s two Molvis supervisors" resigned as a result of this.


    The report went on to say that SANHA "hushed up the matter" since their "sole motive on Halaal certification was monetary gain".


    SANHA has written to the Majlis to refute his slander - click here to view.

    The article extensively quotes the text of a letter written to the Majlis by its attorney Zehir Omar - click here to view.


    At no stage , which is something that most people have come to expect, did this tabloid purveyor of these untruths query or verify the information with us, the Supervisors in question or Earlybird in keeping with Islamic or journalistic principles.


    In fact in one of the tireless tirade against SANHA over the years the Majlis stated "The certification which SANHA issues have no Islamic validity. It is safer to check the manufacturers’ list of ingredients. The word of the non-Muslim manufacturers is more reliable and acceptable than the word and assurance of a body such as SANHA".


    Amongst the incredulous admission by the Majlis´s attorney on a Radio station was that he "did not deem it necessary to verify the information given by his client", the Scholars of the Truth before putting it out in the public domain - mp3file click here for interview.


    He is also unable or unwilling to reveal the identity of his clients and remains silent on the so called meeting with the supervisors in his office as stated in his letter.


    We were never contacted for comment or verification. Whatever happened with the most fundamental legal principle of "audi alterem partem" - hearing the other side?


    We are puzzled by this high profile attorney´s apparent abandonment of this very basic juristic and Islamic principle in the haste to malign SANHA?


    The two Moulana supervisors
    Moulana Khan and Moulana Doba have been employees of Earlybird Farms. It was stated on radio that they were never employees of SANHA nor received any remuneration at any stage from SANHA’s. Why then the references to them as SANHA’s supervisors?


    They further aver that they had no met or held any discussions with attorney Zehir Omar at any stage and stated that their reason for resigning had nothing whatsoever to do with the Halaal status.


    They also stated that the products, whilst under their supervision and even now is definitely Halaal which they themselves consume personally with confidence.


    SCHOLARS OF THE TRUTH – P.O. Box 1461, Lenasia 1820
    This unknown shadowy group or individual appears to be linked to the affairs of the Majlis tabloid and appear to echo their sentiments. They issued a leaflet in this matter filled with blatant inaccuracies and untruths - click here to view.


    In a previous Majlis matter where we were accused of certifying "pork" as Halaal, this group issued a leaflet under the same postal box number calling themselves the National Islamic Consumer Council. They also claim to be an affiliate of Zaqquum.


    They now also have an anonymous group called, "Friends of the Scholars of the Truth" of Lenasia who are also involved in issuing leaflets supporting them - click here to view.


    None of these entities seem to be known to anyone in the community and correspondence to them have not been acknowledged or answered Letter 1 | Letter 2.


    Why are they hiding in the shadows and refuse to reveal themselves? What can be their motives?


    We call upon our readers and friends to help us with any information that can lead to the unmasking of this person/s so we (may set the record straight). can have our day in the court of the public opinion and/or the law.


    This organisation is the official certifying body of Earlybird Farms. One wonders why they were totally excluded from the Majlis' criticism in favour of false allegations against SANHA. A further pointer to the Majlis' prejudice alluded to earlier. The MJC have regrettably remained silent and have not even raised a murmur of protest in this matter.


    SANHA approves the product based on disclosures and unfettered access for inspections to their plants since year 2000.


    The products are approved as Halaal and no Shar’i deviations exist to rule otherwise.


    SANHA is not the certifying authority and has never received any remuneration as falsely stated. It renders this important service to the Ummah at its own cost. This fact gives lie to comments that SANHA only approves a product if they are paid.


    Once the allegations were cruelly exposed on radio, the Majlis rushed to print a special leaflet wherein they "unequivocally retracted" the allegations on their admittance that "the Majlis did undoubtedly err".


    However, old habits die hard and diabolically the retractions were seeded amongst further allegations and accusations spewed onto SANHA. - Click here to view.


    Alhamdulillah! The truth has prevailed and we extend an open invitation to contact us if further clarity is required.


    We are not chicken when it comes to standing out for justice.

    Ps. The Ulama and the Ummah have for too long tolerated and silently endured the slanderous attacks and vituperations of the Majlis group. The strategy of setting the record straight and protecting the Ummah from the fitnah and confusion perpetuated by this group has been formulated and enacted in consultation with senior Ulama and community members of South Africa. We make du'aa that Allah Ta´ala unite the hearts and minds of the Ummah at large and protect us from those that are hell-bent on creating division and disunity.

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