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Mufti Elias Sympathy Card Gets Trumped By An Ace Print

Fact and fiction like oil and water do not mix. Yet the Majlis, Jamiat De Deur and their cohorts have over the years spent considerable effort in trying to emulsify fact and fiction for their own nefarious ends.

In their latest stunt in the case of Mufti Afzal Elias, they employ emotive language and untruths to try and garner support for their flagging campaign against SANHA. Use of untruths and innuendo have become their hallmark. Remember the "retraction and the retraction of the retraction in the Early Bird matter?"

In a grave miscalculation they did not bargain for an ace - the existence of a recording which separates fact from fiction.

FICTION: Moulana Navlakhi during a visit to Mufti Afzal Elias´s home "lost control of his sanity and disgorged a litary of expletives - four letter gutter level swear words in which drunk louts and hooligans excel".

FACT: This never happened. You are invited to make an appointment with Moulana Navlakhi to hear the recording of the discussion between Mufti Elias and himself.

FICTION: Mufti Elias is described as a "SANHA´s Inspector" to give credibility to the Majlis claim of poultry being Haraam.

FACT: Mufti Elias has never been in our employ and has never received any remuneration from us.

FICTION: Mufti Elias claims that Moulana Navlakhi "plainly told me that he will get me out of Radio Islam".

FACT: Listen to the recording yourself and discover that this to is a fabrication.

FICTION: Mufti Elias has declared all commercial poultry products in South Africa as Haraam.

FACT: Mufti Elias has visited only the Rainbow plant in Natal where the products were declared by him as Halaal although he had reservations on the methods used. In his own words of 12/12/08 he said in no uncertain terms to the Independent Group of Concerned Muslims of South Africa(IGCMSA) that:

* "your organisation, comprising of maximum 3 people are hell bent on making Rainbow ´Haraam´"

* "Ulema are not going to declare ´hurmat´ on stunning, hot water dipping and line speed, not facing Qibla or feed. So you are on the wrong track and platform"

Separate FACT FROM FICTION and listen to the recording yourself to get THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

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