Response to Naidoo's "Hoodwinked by Halaal"

SANHA deplores the reprehensible actions of Mr. Tony Naidoo and his unwarranted attack on Islam by targeting its hallowed institution of Halaal with innuendos, inaccuracies and inflammatory postulations in the media.

Consider the following facts:

  1. Lack of sincerity
    Tony Naidoo has never at any stage ever consulted with the Halaal bodies to discuss, verify information or get our response before embarking on his media slur campaign and widespread e-mail circulation. Even our invitation on national radio elicited no response.

  2. Deception
    He claims to be the Chairman of the Concerned Citizens Council in his correspondence with a cell number only that is not always reachable. Facts are now emerging that this Council could be the front for Mr. Tony Naidoo's "Concerned Christian Council" where similar issues are aired on their website. Other connections are beginning to emerge... Why does Mr. Naidoo not have any proper contact details such as a landline, fax number, physical and postal address where people can engage him and verify his bone fides?

  3. False Facts
    • Mr. Naidoo claims that his organisation's survey shows "80% of items on supermarket shelves are Halaal." He has to-date failed to produce such survey and related details..
    • He claims to be a "fully constituted national consumer advocacy body" yet has not been able to show any documentation to support this.
    • His claim that "companies are pressurized by the Halaal bodies to pay tens of thousands of rands for a piece of paper" is ludicrous to the extreme and insults the intelligence of companies that seek certification or renew their contract year after year.
    • According to him Muslims will not be "reconciled to God" "since Allah is not the God of the Bible, has no Son through whose substitutionary death and resurrection a persons's sins can be forgiven" This flies contrary to the spirit of interfaith dialogue and peaceful co-existence and utterings of the same of the Church leadership. See editorial comment in the eBulletin no 26 for further readings in this matter. Website:

  4. Anti �Islam
    His motives of attacking the institution of Halaal at the total exclusion or without even a passing remark of the Jewish Kosher certification mark which has more products than Halaal serving a far smaller community leads one to ask, "why the selective morality?"

    His actions of questioning the fact that there is more than one Halaal certifying organization and pitting differences of opinion between them and other religious bodies smacks of a divide and rule philosophy with a hidden agenda. How does more than one certifying body alter his argument except to demonstrate his prejudice.

    He fails to support his generalized claims that the bodies are not mandated by the Muslim population nor have support of the Ulama. Let him produce the proof, and not quote some obscure extremist community tabloid newspaper article to support his fallacious claims.

  5. False Charge
    "The revenue from Halaal is used to advance Islamist political causes both locally and abroad" and there is "documented evidence to support these allegations," says Naidoo.

    We challenge Mr. Naidoo to produce one shred of evidence that shows SANHA has contributed to advance Islamist political causes both locally and abroad. In a post 9/11 society, Mr. Naidoo's false charge and innuendos re affirms his anti-Islam stance with serious ramifications that cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

  6. Christians Misled
    Christian friends and establishments certified by us have soundly rejected Mr. Naidoo and his attack on Islam. Even the staunchest of Christians will argue that Muslims are not idol worshippers. Naidoo tries to mislead people that this is the case, notwithstanding that the Bible says one can eat everything sold in the market place without investigation.

    SANHA rejects this crude effort by this misguided miscreant, to sow dissension in the community and harm the good relations with our neighbour. It calls on all peace loving South Africans and brothers in humanity to reject his evil and divisive conspiracy.

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