Q & A, Mln AS Desai
Dear SANHA brothers


Moulana Desai of Port Elizabeth is a respected Aalim of South Africa. Even if he writes harsh things he is an Aalim. Why don't you accept his word on the chickens and how they are slaughtered?

Also why do you say he is taking you people to court when he says it is someone else and not him.

Please make maaf for this letter.


From: Public Relations [mailto:pro-kzn@sanha.org.za]
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2010 12:50 PM
Subject: RE: Mln AS Desai

Dear Brother Goolam

Assalamu Alaikum

Jazakumullah Khairan for your email of 25th February 2010. We appreciate your concern and are grateful for the opportunity of setting the record straight.

If your standard of accepting that chicken are Haraam on the basis that Molvi Desai has said this as an Aalim, then surely by the same standard they are Halaal on the say so of our Ulama as well. SANHA has over 30 Ulama on its staff complement who endorse the Halaal status of the chicken.

Furthermore, SANHA membership comprises of Ulama organizations who by delegated responsibility of their numerous Ulama also endorse the Halaal status of the chickens. It must also be noted that Ulama of the other certifying bodies who through their direct and downstream certification of outlets using poultry are endorsing the Halaal status of the chickens.

Over and above this, very senior Ulama have also visited some of the plants from time to time and approve of our certification. Some of these were:-

* Mufti Razaul Haq, Head Mufti – Darul Uloom Zakariyya and Ameer of the Board of Muftis, South Africa.

* Mufti Abdul Kader Hoosen – Channel Islam International

* Mufti Siraaj Desai – Council of Ulama, Eastern Cape and Head Mufti of Darul Uloom, Port Elizabeth

* Moulana Ebrahim Bham – Secretary General, Jamiatal Ulama South Africa, Johannesburg

* Moulana Hassan Murchie – Ameer, Madrasah An-Noor for the Blind, Pietermaritzburg

* Moulana Iqbal Rawat – Jamiatul Ulama KZN, Pietermaritzburg branch

* Mufti Shafeeq Jhakura – Darul Ihsan Islamic Services Centre, Durban

Brother Goolam, perhaps you have been fed the story that SANHA speaks as a business whilst Molvi Desai speaks as an Alim. We thank you for the opportunity of allowing us to present the facts on our organization being Ulama driven.

As for Majlis’s denial of taking us to court, Molvi Desai displays his guile and craftiness by hiding behind technicalities.

The following points show his direct involvement in the legal matter against us which he cannot deny.

1. As far back as 14/10/2008 Majlis displayed their intent, in a letter to SANHA who asked him to produce proof of his allegations. He stated "As far as the evidence for our allegations are concerns, their details will be forthcoming at some legal forum. It appears that this is the only course to follow."

2. In a statement on 11/6/2009 to the Human Rights Commission where he is being investigated for hate speech, Molvi Desai states categorically "We are in fact, poised to make an application to the high Court for an order against SANHA on account of the religious abuse it practices."

3. SANHA was served court papers by the Scholars of the Truth dated 22/7/09 authorized by a resolution signed by their chairman AS Ahmed. We subsequently learnt through the court papers of Bangladesh that AS Ahmed who was jailed over there is one and the same as Molvi AS Desai. They stated in their paper “Besides a court interdict there is no other remedy available nor is there any hope of solving this problem which the Muslim community is facing”.

Yes! Molvi Desai is overly harsh and resorts to the most despicable language and insults such as asking some of the above Ulama to perform their nikahs again and proclaiming SANHA to be out of the fold of Islam etc which is an anathema to any Aalim. We beseech Allah (SWT) to imbue in him words of beautiful preaching and love for all humanity including non Muslims, Aameen.

Notwithstanding his hand-wringing denials and his so called aversion to kuffaar courts, Molvi Desai is most definitely involved in the legal action against SANHA.

We ask for your duaas for the Truth to prevail and falsehood to be destroyed.

Was Salaam.

Yours sincerely
For South African National Halaal Authority

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Public Relations Officer

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