Criminal Charges Against Orion

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Sent: 11 November 2011 06:14 AM
Subject: National Consumer Forum Press Release Food Fraud Scandal


The National Consumer Forum views the revelations of labelling fraud in the food industry by Orion Cold Storage Company in a very serious light.


The National Consumer Forum is of the opinion that this matter is essentially a criminal matter and that entails sophisticated Fraud, Deception, and violations of a host of South African legislation regarding food safety, agricultural import regulations and most importantly the Consumer Protection Act.


The National Consumer Forum has filed a Criminal Case against the Directors of Orion Cold Storage Company at the Muizenberg Police station. The Case was registered on 2011-11-11 at MUIZENBERG ref nr CAS 162/11/2011.Station contact details:021-7879000.


The National Consumer Forum will also be joining the existing High Court proceedings as a Co- Applicant.


The National Consumer Forum views the actions of the Orion Cold Storage Company as an issue that does not only entail the fraudulent re labelling of meat as Halaal for Muslim consumption, but rather as a matter of concern to all consumers if the following transgressions are taken into account:


? Importing water buffalo meat from India and selling it as AB/B Grade beef.

? Importing Pig hearts from Belgium and Ireland and re labelling it and selling it as sheep or beef hearts with a Halaal label.

? Importing poultry from Spain and re labelling it as Halaal when it is not.

? Importing kangaroo meat from Australia and re labelling it as chuck and blade beef cut.

? Removing labels of expired poultry products and re labelling these products with new expiry dates.

? Importing non food grade milk powder for animal feed and re labelling it as skim milk powder.


The National Consumer Forum demands the immediate arrest and prosecution of all persons implicated in this crime.


The National Consumer Forum demands a multi-ministerial commission of inquiry into how such a travesty could occur.


The National Consumer Forum demands the immediate containment and condemnation of all the products identified as unfit for human consumption. 


The National Consumer Forum Demands that a full audit of contaminated products and its distribution be done immediately and that all contaminated products be recalled throughout the distribution chain.


The National Consumer Forum demands an immediate review of all legislation pertaining to food importation with a view of identifying loopholes in the legislative framework that may have allowed this abuse to occur.


The National Consumer Forum demands that the minimum standards for Halaal certification becomes regulated as legislation and that strict guidelines be drafted for all organisation who engage in the Halaal Certification Industry.


For more information contact

Thami Bolani

National Chairperson cell: 0836799489

Imraahn Ismail-Mukaddam

Western Cape Coordinator

Cell : 0833579537