Pakistan cough syrup kills 16
At least 16 people have died in the Pakistani city of Lahore after consuming what authorities say was a "toxic" cough syrup.
At least one pharmacy, which reportedly stocked the medicine, has been shut down and its owners detained.
The deaths occurred between Friday and Sunday. Officials say they were mostly drug addicts in Shahdra town area.
Cough syrup, which is sold as an over-the-counter medicine, is sometimes used by addicts to get high, police say.
"Some of the victims were found dead in a graveyard where addicts used to take different kind of drugs," local police chief Atif Zulfiqar told AFP news agency.
The chief minister of Punjab province has ordered an inquiry to submit a report to him within 72 hours.
The provincial health authority raided several pharmacies and seized stocks of the syrup - media reports say the medicine was not past its expiry date.
In January more than 100 people died after taking contaminated heart medicine in Lahore.
The deaths were directly linked to a batch of faulty drugs given to cardiac patients at a government-run hospital.