Response to 'Post' article

Dear Sir,


We refer to your front page article in the Post of 3 - 7 April 2013 entitled ?Hindus cheesed off? underlined further by the sub heading ?Muslims don?t buy from non-muslims?.


After perusing the article we aver that the headline is a departure from your high editorial discipline as it is a misrepresentation and sensationalising of what appears to be a purely legal dispute of a commercial nature.


Whilst this may be understood by the masses unfortunately it gives the minority extremist fringe that exists in communities fuel to stoke the embers of sectionalism and separatism reminiscent of the cruel apartheid system of the past.


Your reporter ought to get out and witness the reality on the ground where Muslims and Hindus have since coming to the shores of this land lived in harmony, their daily lives are intertwined, uplifted themselves and fought for its liberation together. He will see mosques, temples, supermarkets, restaurants and yes even pizza outlets owned by Muslims and Hindus that serve all.


We urge you to print a clarification to ensure that this misrepresentation albeit perhaps an inadvertent one is not a triumph for ambiguity over inaccuracy and unnecessary tension over peace and harmony that has been established and nurtured since 1860.


God bless Africa.


Yours sincerely

For South African National Halaal Authority


EBI Lockhat

Public Relations Officer


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