Woodmead - The Alternative Power (Pty) Ltd, Gauteng

The Alternative Power (Pty) Ltd

Category: Beverages - Ready to Drink

Tel: 011-656-0588

Address: 3 Polo Cr. Woodmead Office Park, Woodmead, Gauteng, South Africa

Certified Halaal by SANHA
List of Products Manufactured by :: The Alternative Power (Pty) Ltd
1 Switch Creature 500ml CREA 606110447928
2 Switch Element 500ml ELEM 700083526687
3 Switch Energy Switch Energy Bar Choc Caramel Nut 45g Bars EB45GX20CARAM 700083867407
4 Switch Energy Switch Energy Bar Choc Strawberry 45g Bars EB45GX20CHOC 700083867391
5 Switch Energy Switch Energy Bar Double Chocolate 45g Bars EB45GX20CH/STRA 700083867414
6 Switch Energy Switch Energy Bar Strawberry 45g Bars EB45GX20STRAW 700083867384
7 Switch Energy Switch GO Energy Syrup 10ml GOSACHET 606110247481
8 Switch Energy Switch IQ Energy Syrup 10ml GOSACHET 606110247467
9 Switch Envy 500ml ENVY 700083676818
10 Switch Epic 500ml EPIC 700083676801
11 Switch Limited Edition Cherry Plum 500ml LIM-CP 700083867599
12 Switch Limited Edition Iron Brew Candy Floss 500ml LIM-IB 700083867643
13 Switch Limited Edition Marshmallow 500ml LIM-MM 606110447812
14 Switch Limited Edition Orange Bubblegum 500ml LIM-0B 606110447843
15 Switch Limited Edition Raspberry Liquorice 500ml LIM-RL 700083867582
16 Switch Limited Edition Strawberry Litchi 500ml LIM-SL 606110447782
17 Switch Limited Edition Watermelon Mint 500ml LIM-WM 700083867612
18 Switch Original 500ml ORIG 700083526670
19 Switch Element Energy Strawberry Banana Flavour 440ml/330ml/275ml

20 Switch Energy Drink 440ml/330ml/275ml