Conditions When Getting the Certificate
  • Certificates are not issued until the proper Application Procedure has been fulfilled.
  • This entails the Enquiry and Application from the applicant followed by SANHA Evaluations and Inspections.
  • Each step must be duly followed and relevant conditions met.
  • All Halaal requirements set by SANHA must be met.
  • In addition, SANHA may stipulate additional conditions to ensure strict Halaal compliance e.g. the product may be Halaal manufactured but risks of contamination remains. In such circumstances, SANHA cannot in clear conscious issue a certificate without additional precautions.
  • If your establishment is a fast-food chain or operates under a franchise scheme, you must submit an application for SANHA to approve each individual outlet as Halaal.
  • Where required, at least two Muslim employees will be involved in the production or preparation of Halaal meat products or foods. Their full-time presence is vital in helping to continually verify all Halaal food sources. They must also be involved in the receiving of Halaal food or meat supplies. They must have the right to inspect all relevant documentation in respect of the same.
  • Only Halaal food and beverages approved by SANHA are to be served, sold, stored and or processed on the approved premises.
  • Pork, its by-products and any other non-Halaal products including alcohol should not be served, sold, stored and or processed on the approved premises.
  • Qualified Muslims must slaughter all meat or poultry used in accordance with the uniform standards set out by SANHA.
  • All Halaal certificates / licences (other than SANHA's) relied upon by the applicant - whether with respect to local or imported meat, poultry or by-products of the same - must be issued by those Islamic authorities approved by SANHA.
  • All animal-based ingredients must be derived from a Halaal source approved by SANHA.
  • Halaal foods should not in the course of preparation, processing, transportation or storage be in contact with non-Halaal foods. Cross-contamination must be avoided at all times.
  • All crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and equipment, chillers, freezers and cold rooms must be cleansed under the supervision of SANHA's appointed official(s) if they have been used previously for preparing foods with pork or other unlawful (Haraam) products.
  • Mixing of crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and equipment for Halaal and non-Halaal foods, which may occur during preparation, collection, washing or storing must be avoided.
  • Separate washing and drying equipment for such items must be provided.
  • Staff should not bring non-Halaal foods and beverages onto the premises.

Getting the Certificate / Licence
Once the Halaal requirements set by SANHA are met and the agreement concluded the applicant will be issued a certificate / licence on the expiration of a thirty day probationary period.

Validity and Renewal of Certificate/Licence
The licence is valid for one year and is renewable on expiry. It can be revoked if the licensee breaches the terms and conditions of its issue. The certificate is renewed if the conditions of the agreement are met.